Tammy Heisel


[host, co-producer, editor]

News Editor/Audio | Full Time
College Professor | Part Time

Nerd | ALL the Time

I found my love of Cosplay and its inclusiveness while working on FANatics. I have had the fortune of meeting incredible people who have included me as media, as host for their events, and to be a part of their culture in general.
FANatics exists so these amazing people can enjoy the spotlight that they deserve. 

This is my passion.
This is my hobby.
This is my happy place.


M. B.


[producer, camera, editor]


Jake schmitting

Jake S.jpg

[camera, photographer]

Photographer extraordinaire, awesome shooter, & always there in a pinch.

Instagram: Jake Schmitting

Sasha Best



She lives up to her name because she is the BEST assistant and she knows how to use a camera!



[honourary public relations]

We love meeting our fans. Cheri is one of them. She comes out with her family to just about every event we're at, and she's taken it upon herself to use her personal social media to promote us.
We appreciate her so much that making her an honourary PR person is the least we could do.

Twitter: @SilkyC

london batman

London Batman

[honourary member of our team]

London Batman was one of the very first interviews we did for our show. 3 years later, he's always been there for us. He will always be a part of FANatics!

Facebook: London Batman